Nothing is cozier than a flickering fire.  Donít worry about lighting your fire.  All our fireplaces are gas so starting is fairly easy.

            We value your safety.  So each fireplace is equipped with an oxygen sensor that automatically shuts down the fireplace if there is a low oxygen level in the cottage.  Each cottage also has a Carbon monoxide detector to monitor safe levels of Carbon monoxide.

Safety Precautions

   Do not adjust any knobs on the fireplace itself.  Incorrect settings could result in injury. Cottage 3 and 4 are the exception and user directions are in the cottage book located in your cottage.

  • Never move ceramic logs.  They have precise positions they must be located.  Moving logs will cause the fireplace to smoke into the cottage.
Gas fireplaces are designed for heating and aesthetics.  They are not designed for cooking.  Doing so will severely damage the fireplace and could result in injury.